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USED COMPUTERS....   CALL 610-533-2151

Expectedly, in this computer industry, we have the opportunity to find new homes for those computers that persons have upgraded from.  As we mentioned earlier in the COMPUTERS section, all people need and use computers differently!!  Say for example, you bought a computer a couple years ago with the intention of only accessing the internet, but later found out that you were interested in using it for much more elaborate things like gaming--so you bought a much more elaborate system.  Wonderful.....but now.....what about your old computer???  If you bought from "Square Deal Computing" you probably were offered a trade-in value for your old one.  Wow!!!  Just so happens,  "Jane Newbie" calls us up and says she wants a starter computer, just enough to access the internet and see if this computer stuff is all "cracked up" to be what people say it is.  Guess what--"Square Deal Computing" would love to help her at 1/2 the price of a new one.   

  •  Presently, we have several Used Computers in excellent condition for $199. Call 610-533-2151                                        












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